Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The start of Delica-Ci's

Ever since i got home from the great CA I have been attempting to get my business started! I did get one order for a cake, but it sadly got cancelled. There will be more, I know it!

The very first week getting back I started my sister, Christina's, birthday cake!
That was an absolute blast. It was my very first Ciara-cake. All my own design.
The thursday before I left, i got the priviledge of staying late after work and sculpting with Lindsey Sinatra! Oh that was fun.

The finished product was a ton of abstract peacock feathers and a white chocolate clay peacock! The feathers got painted at home. My mom got to learn allot in doing that.

The fillings of the white cake were: White chocolate mousse, Raspberry mousse and Vanilla Bean Buttercream. I was so happy that it was a hit! It makes me so happy when my food makes people happy!

I will continue to attempt my hand at building business and creating deliciousness!
Ciao Bella!

Things I have laerned:
1.) There is no place like home
2.) Being welcomed home by three yorkies might possibly be the best welcome
3.) Rain is a good thing
4.) It is simply very difficult to do cakes without a turntable!
5.) Believing in yourself and having confidence is crucial!
6.) God owns my future so i don't need to worry about it, He IS all powerful
7.) Happy dances in the kitchen with your sisters..are the best dances ever
8.) Careful when using cheese graters, pay attention :)
9.) Grease stripper will give you chemical burns that last forever
10.) Running feels amazing!

FUN FACT #22: When you make tea, don't put your cream in before your tea is done steaping....the fat from the cream seals the pores or something in the tea leaves...hence why they will not continue to steap! :)


  1. Wow Ciara! I love the cake- Peacocks are my fave animal bird :)

  2. Dearest Ciara! I would like to order this cake for Nadia's graduation on June 6th. I can meet you half way to pick up the cake on Sunday, June 5th. She loves peacocks and this is just perfect for her. Phone me so that I can put my order in and pay for it! Love ya.