Monday, February 15, 2010

Chasing Peyton

So today I decided to let myself sleep in and have a slightly lazy morning. Then I decided i wouldn't mind going to Wally World with Debbie. LIttle did i know that i would regret that decision! I was the lucky one that got to chase ms. Peyton through walmart.

Then we went home....

So i went outside and sat and started some drawings for a cake that i might be doing in June. Out Walks peyton with a jar of Peanut butter and a spoon. DId i mention before that Peyton is 2? And adorable as all get out?

Then we went to the beach...

That aws quite an interesting adventure. I got to chase Peyton again. Down the beach...Then run up real fast, scoop her up and walk her back to Debbie. There aws a guy chuckling and i told him that she had already done it that day in walmart. He was telling me that his daughter had ran HALF A MILE down the beach!

Then we went home again and the children were quiet and very very calm. haha...woot! right?

DInner was quite successful tonight! I was happy about that. I made some delicious beef/minestrone type soup, and cornbread. So delicious! And i have enough for the next couple days of lunch! I am happy about that one.

Things I learned today:

1.) Chasing children down a walmart hten a beach can give you great excercise.
2.) Clone wars is lame
3.) Star wars is awesome
4.) Beach noises will make you fall asleep!

FUN FACT #14: When you go to the beach....Girls will have thongs on.

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