Monday, February 1, 2010

so long...

SOrry it has been a few days since i posted, *sad face*...
I have been extremely exhausted at night and simply forgotten to blog.

Not too many exciting things have been happening. I have mostly just been figuring out why the heck i can't get my butter cream to be straight and level...i am thinking that it is the way that i hold my spatula. (ugh) I am trying very very hard to master this!

Meanwhile i'm also practicing my sculpting and drawing skills. I got a sketch book for 3 dollars! woot! haha... I will also be able to take pics this week, i'm hoping. I am going to Costco today to exchange my very upsettingly broken camera. Because, every time i turn it on, it says there is a lense problem. Oh well, it shall be fixed for i am still within the one year warranty! (muahaha)

I have 10 weeks left! Don't cry for me! haha. It doesn't feel like it has only been three weeks since i left home. It feels like ages and ages! I am missing it very much. It is so different down here. Not having very many friends is kinda sad, but i'm making some. In fact, we are going to the movies tonight! I am also hanging with my cousins, and that is fun.

We watched Yes Man last night. Oh my goodness, funny as all get out! haha... We were going to watch another called accidental husband, but it ended up being like 9:00 before we ended the other and the kids had school today. All well, I might go later to watch it with Ms. Katie.

Things I have been learning:

1.) Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.
2.) sleep is good for you.
3.) chocolate soothes the soul
4.) coffee is a wonder
5.) i love doing art, more than anything(cooking art ;])

FUN FACT #11: Green is a very happy color.

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