Sunday, April 4, 2010

Disaster keeps striking

SO this week started out pretty odd. I just had a funny feeling about it. That something was going to go wrong. And naturally, it did. My cakes weren't going the way i wanted and all that came with THAT instance.

My second cake ended up turning out okay, after long fight with it. I officiallyl decided that I will never ever stack a cake without refrigerating it in between. Not a good idea, even if you have fruit! I promise you will have a hard time. Unless you are an awesome cake master. Then you won't have a problem. But, me not being a cake makes life a little difficult!:P But after Fondant and stripes, it was pretty.

Then me and therese went on a delivery. Ahhh the delivery. It was 2 hrs. away in Temecula. We were going along fine, talking and having a good ole time watching the cake be shaky. Then...Disaster struck. We were apprx. 100 yrds. from our final destination when we almost got in an accident, so therese breaked hard. My top tier i had been holding crashed into the dashboard and then we heard a thud. THEN i heard therese hollering, oh ciara!!! several times. And i winced and looked back. There was the gorgeous artichoke cake lying on the floor of her car. All battered and sad looking.

We were horrified. Absolutely horrified. We fixed it, only because the flourist was there. And she helped us! She did such an awesome job of covering up our nasty accident.

So all of the bad things that happened this week:
1.) therese couldn't find dry ice, anywhere, her total was $13.13
2.) my cakes, neither of them, worked out!
3.) THerese shot a crumb into her eye
4.) we almost got hit
5.) i grated my thumb
6.) I burned my fingers on teh pot
there are more, i just can't remember.
Now i'm going to go eat easter dinner with family :) tootles! Happy easter!

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