Saturday, March 27, 2010

Almost home...filming done

Hello all!

So filming finished last saturday, and now we are on to the daily grind. It will be a literal grind next week! We have about 12 caeks to fill, ice and fondant....they will probably be wedding cakes. I only know one of them. Haha.

I finished my first cake all by myself this week! It was quite awesome. I found it to be really pretty...a simple, yet elegant Tiffany Box. The lady, Nazi wanted it to be blinged out! So i got the priviledge of putting all of the rhinestones on it. haha. yea...that took a while! But it ended up to be a very gorgeous cake!

I also made a keyboard out of chocolate and chocolate fondant. It is going to go with our Steam Funk( i think) cake. It is quite a cute cake! Unfortunately I am not able to put pictures of the finished cake up. Sadly...But here is the keyboard!

Did you know that there is Gelatinous Mutant Coconut? Yea, we went to a Filipino market haha...I got to get my Ube Spread, Marjie all of her favorite childhood food and then we feasted on yumminess! :) I shall have some yummy Ube Toast tomorrow! Woot! haha

Now...I'm listening to UFC fights in the background and my cousin's Ohhhh!!!! and Oooohhh!!! and entertaining..

Things I learned today:

1.) Chris runs an asian sweatshop! haha not..haha
2.) Steaming leaves without wires sucks cause it steam burns...

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  1. Love it, Ciara. Looks wonderful. I'm so proud of you!!!
    Can't wait to see you and hear about all your adventures and experiences.