Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nothing to do on a rainy day...

So, there is absolutely nothing to do today...i feel. My mom already had her photoshoot and there was supposed to be another one, but the lady never even showed up! At least she can play with her new camera body before the shoot, i suppose!

So she got a new camera, right? well, my dad found it first, and he decided to smash up a box and pretend that the shipper person smashed her camera and obliterated it. So he came in and told her and she was almost in tears when he showed her! He is seriously mean sometimes.

The other day I was looking on my dad's desk for something and he had put his library card(which he never uses) on the desk...BOY oh boy...this reminded me of being like 7 years old!
I sometimes wish i could go back to being 7, that was my favorite age..But i know i can't. Life does move on, doesn't it?!

Have a great day, to all who read this!

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