Saturday, March 6, 2010


So last night I was supposed to make sticky buns with Zoe, but didn't because i got home a little late! So..we made cupcakes! I searched my favorite foodie website,, for a recipe. Found a vegan one!

It was interesting. I used vinegar. Took me a sec to figure it out, but you know those volcanoes you make in school? Well, the same effect here! Except with delicious chocolate batter wrapped around the gas bubbles!

The came out gorgeous! Moist, but not too dense, i was very happy with them. I am going to try and make vanilla ones next. Just so that my sister can have them. and maybe she will have an egg-less cake! :) we'll see what happens!

Then at work today, i made like...a billion hydrangeas. Then Chris got back and said, i want more purple. Woo! Oh well, I suppose i'll be extremely good at making them by the time June rolls around and I make my cousin's wedding cake!
Hydrangeas aer easy, but you gotta be careful cause they break real easy!!
I broke more than i wanted to.

But that's all good.

Things I learned today:
1.) being in a bakery is fun
2.) my life is just crazy, but super fun!