Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh so tiring.

THere isn't much to report, but that I did get to go to the beach again this weekend! That was very nice. AND i tried a different church. That was nice as well! Just like my other church at home! Goodness I miss Calvary! You guys have no idea!
Funny that I want to travel more, eh?
Not that I have funds to.

I did make sticky buns, but they ended up all going to the Larsons rather than home..haha. At least they got eaten! NOw i feel like cookign again, but i don't know what. I should have a plan though cause..haha..it is best if i don't just cook on a whim.

I did alllmost kidna sorta get four cakes done. Kinda not really. Got them all filled and iced! One got fully scraped and one alllmost fully scraped. I did only ok. Last week was definitely better. But that is ok. It feels like it will be a good week. Though I'm a little tired.

I got some really beautiful pics at the beach yesterday! So here they are!

Things I learned today:

1.) I grip the steering wheel really hard when i think while i drive. (ouch)
2.) I actually like the smell at the beach.

FUN FACTS #18: Psalm 29:4 is a good verse to read and remember.


  1. Love you and miss you and praying for you!!!
    your favorite auntie in the whole wide world...Christy jk

  2. Ci you are keeping your horizon nice and straight...good job! Just like in real life, eh? hehe. I love you baby. You are doing fabulously well. We miss you but wouldn't take this experience away from you for anything in the world.