Friday, February 26, 2010

Food nerd, here..

I know I know...Ciara! Write more! But i am so tired at night, it isn't funny.
Lately I have come home and made cookies. Or some other goody. Usually something I can't have, but today i wanted to make something that I could eat!
So i did!
Peanut butter cookies. Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies. Yum is all i can say.

The dough was kinda strange, but it was good. Actually, delicious!
They didn't look like what the lady made htem look like, but they were delicious! haha...


THey work very well with coffee! haha...

very very well..

This week seemed very long to me. Did it to anybody else?
Finally saturday is tomorrow! I get to sleep in! I am so happy to sleep in. I am absolutely drained. But i love it! I am having so much fun! I am learning so so much.
Never knew i could be so exhausted though. I wonder if it is the drive?

Oh..the drive today. It took me 2 hrs. There was a grenade in the middle of I5, so they shut it down for 3 hours! So I got stuck in the middle of all of the back up. was so frustrating! 58 miles at an average of 5-15 mi. an hr. took me 2 hrs. to get home. I didn't like that very much!

alrighty...I'm slowly but surely crashing!
Goodnight All

Things I learned today:
1.) Randomly they will find grenades by Camp Pendleton
2.) Be steady

FUN FACT #18: There is an Ocean's 11 Casino.

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