Monday, February 22, 2010

Fun Food Stuffs...

I had a pretty good and relaxing day today! Well...lets say weekend. I got to hang out with friends yesterday and got everything done too! haha...AND I got time to experiment in the kitchen.

I made Creme Brulee today, which really isn't an experiment, other than the fact that i did it without a recipe haha. Debbie said it turned out great! It was gorgeous too!

Then with the left over egg whites i made my favorite! Pavlova! So, last time i made merengue(saturday night) I made it wrong. What i concluded was that I didn't put enough sugar in. You would think that I would know to use recipes by now, right? No, i didn't use one. So my merengue was kinda crappy. So this time I put enough sugar it! And it made gorgeous pavlovas! So I put it on my prepared pan and started it's baking. It came out of the oven looking ever so gorgeous...

Then I tried to take it off of my prepared pan. Can anybody guess what i prepared it with? Wax paper. I had my doubts as to whether it would work or not. didn't. So i wasted all of those egg whites! And they were so gorgeous! I admit i ate some of the good parts. MMMM....tasty!

Then I got to working on my dinner/lunch for the next three days. I did Sauteed onion and asparagus with chicken, sun dried tomatoes and angel hair pasta. Turned out pretty good! When i added a little vinegar to it. I wish i had had balsamic...but didn't. I have been tempted to buy it..but it is so expensive!

Things I learned today:

1.) Flat rate boxes are awesome
2.) Don't use wax paper to bake.
3.) Working out really does feel good!

FUN FACT # 17: There are some epic looking bugs out there! (cars)