Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So...Today almost was rough. I don't like the fact that I keep taking forever to ice and finalize my cakes! I keep on taking forever and ever. I will get it,i know i will, cause i'm so frustrated.

Other than that complicationg...I went to dinner with Sadie Whitley and her daughters! The chef came out and was so kind and gave me a special no milk. ANd it was deeeliciuos! We tooks some awesome pics and had a blast chatting it up and hanging out together!

things i learnedd today:

1.) Peace is knowing that God is in control ofyour life and being happy about it.
2.) Chef's are awesome.
3.) i'm just not sure.

FUN FACT #16: Roads in CA look cool in the moonlight.


  1. Fun, fun, fun! At least your getting your excersize and how great is it that you are getting to know some or your extended family so well!
    Miss ya!
    Be good!
    Aunt Christy

  2. :) yea i'm having tons of fun getting to know them all!
    Miss you too!!