Saturday, February 6, 2010


Hello all...sorry I keep on forgetting that I have a blog to post onto!
My life was nuts this past week...getting up early to do my internship...then making cake all week. Man alive...tiring...

We have been real busy at the bakery this week, as well. And today we were having tile put in in the kitchen. Then i had to drive Javier to Home Depot to get more grout..haha..just cause i had a truck! It was just madness there.

So Chris has a joke about me and Therese, he is going to announce on tv that THerese climbs coconut trees and I gut deer. Yea, and he probably will put it on TV. And that isn't a joke! haha...We are going to be filming in the next month. haha..

I fnially found my camera. I need to call Costco for mine to be fixed, so i just have one from my parents, but at least i can take pics, right?

Things I learned today:

1.) experiments are fun.
2.) Chocolate is soothing
3.) Shreck three is funny...haha

FUN FACT #12: Zoe says i'm good at cooking HAHA..that si her idea of a fun fact. :P

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