Tuesday, February 2, 2010

no sleep

When waking up at five am..make sure you get enough sleep. It is hard to function properly in the day when you are sleepy! haha...i know this from experience. Now granted, i physically couldn't fall asleep, but..haha..yea.

I did another square today! I got it all iced. but not scraped, all well. I'll scrape it first thing tomorrow. I was glad because my circle had straight sides from the get go! I was very happy cause that means that i'll have an easier time when it comes to scraping and making it level! :P

Now i'm in the process of making little luke-ie's cake! It will be a GI-Joe cake. Two tiers and camo. haha. Phase one of baking the cakes is now done. Woot! :P Tomorrow the buttercream will be made and stuff.

Things I learned today:

1.) bake more than you need, not less
2.) you CAN find fondant cheap!
3.) white buttercream is way easier to square than chocolate...

FUN FACT #12: when you are on I5 south right around Camp Pendleton @ 4:45 PM...look to your right.

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