Friday, February 12, 2010


Thank goodness....

It couldn't have come faster! This week seemed really chaotic and stressful! What is going to happen when filming is going on?

I did find out some of the cakes we are going to be doing, and they are going to be so super awesome!

NOw all of us are congregated into the living room. Kids and all! haha. Wii is on and we are waiting for the kids to go to bed so we can watch a movie! Trekies unite! haha...

Sorry so short but my brain ins't working after this long week.

Things i learned today:

1.) Work fast and clean.
2.) i am undecided
3.) victory is amazing

FUN FACT #14: Sitting in a room with 8 children playing wii and fighting over whose turn it is makes you need to find the advil.

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