Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day Two So much fun. Hard on the feet if you forget to have a rubber mat, but fun. From playing with fondant, to washing is still fun.

So I worked with chocoalte buttercream today. That is quite different than regular old white butter cream. So i had to do the Icing and then i had to scrape it. While scraping it, we couldn't figure out why it kept on being sloped. Then all of a sudden Kristin, another intern, says, "Give that to me."
HOlds it up and it is bowed. Yea, Trying to level a cake witha bowed scraper isn't very easy.

So, I switched and everything went fine after that. Haha. Then i got to color some fondant and paint. Did you know that food coloring stains eve your hands? I have blue nails! haha. So awesome.

Things I learned today:

1.) Apply even pressure.
2.) Food color is crazy permanent.
3.) Allot of Californians don't know how to drive in the rain

Fun fact #6: You can make clay out of white chocoalte.

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