Friday, January 15, 2010

So much adventure...

Today was a blast! We went to the San Diego Zoo!

We had fun just wandering around the zoo. There were many different animals than what we have in, you know, Point Defiance Zoo. There were ones that I think should be called the Zebra/Horse/Donkey/Cow. It is so funny looking!

We watched them working with the Elephants, too. It was funny because they treated them just like they would horses. The way they commanded them and everything.

Then we met Jake and his wife and kids. That was VERY fun! Payton and Luke are sweethearts. Well..okay..Payton has allot of energy, but she is just mostly brave. Kind of like Christina!

Luke is just cute as can be. He is so funny! He told us girls that we were big, as we ate BBQ ribs.(they were delicious, btw.)His daddy turned to him and said, "Hey! You don't say that to girls! You just say, you are taller than me!"

So funny!

Things we learned today:

1.) Don't put packing tape on doesn't work.
2.) Phil's BBQ is delicious!
3.) Christina doesn't know the difference between Ostriches and Flamingos.
4.) Don't wear boots to a zoo.

FUN FACT #2: Our family is big. Our family is awesome.

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