Tuesday, January 12, 2010

on the way...

so today started off interesting...jamming luggage into my truck! quite a blast, wouldn't you say?

So we drove and drove and drove today, and our final destination: Crescent City, CA was reached at 5:30 PM. From listening to music, playing "games", to looking at the amazing redwoods we seemed to entertain ourselves during the 10 hr. drive quite well!

Things we learned:

1.) Mack trucks are scary
2.) Not all rest stops are the same.
3.) Christina needs spelling explanations ;)
4.) I am going to move to Southern Oregon someday.
5.) Creepy 7 ft. tall men hang around rest stops and stare
6.) Laptops are seriously amazing!


  1. did you know you can do postings on your blog via your cell phone. I thought if you knew that your blog MIGHT BE UP TO DATE! dab

  2. So which is it, you want to live in Southern Oregon or Northern California?

  3. i'm not sure which one yet hahaha...cause southern cali is now growing on me! haha

    how is it not up to date? i do it every night! :)