Thursday, January 21, 2010

More buttercream or no?

So today, my cake turned out a little better. haha. I paid extra attention on keeping my spat straight!!

I also got to do acetate on chocolate! that was really cool. It transfers to the chocolate with a patter. So super cool! The way it transfers is strange, because it won't come off on your hands, just the chooclate!

I also got to paint more. Did you know that color matching is kinda hard? Finally did it and got the lid painted on the cake.

I have officially trained Tori! haha...She doesn't bark so bad when i come in anymore. She knows that i won't pet her until she is quiet.

Things i learned today:

1.) you can put metal in the microwave, no problem
2.) Keep your spatula straight.

FUN FACT #7: Hitting the snooze button isn't a good idea.

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