Thursday, January 14, 2010

and at last...

We are now there!!!

We are having a blast with everybody. It isn't only us here either! Dondi and his family are here, as well. We had a bowling I didn't win. My highest score was 148, I think my lowest aws 113. I think i rock! haha..


Our drive was gorgeous! I was in fetal the majority of the time, so it kind of sucked, but oh well. The view was amazing. LIvermore has rolling hills and cows and gorgeous windmills and stuff.

When we were going through LA we didn't get to see the Hollywood thingy, but we did see: Disneyland, Magic Mountain and well..LA was exciting in itself.

Things we learned today:

1.) if your gps isn't working, make sure it is not on bycicle.
2.) HOld hot coffee tipped backwards.
3.) Driving through LA listening to country music feels rebbelish! (;

*FUN FACT #1: There is a garabage can at a gas station in says Hot
Beverages. BAHA!

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