Sunday, January 17, 2010

vacation over..

We tried out our church today. That was awesome! I have Pastor Ray to thank for that :) It was just like home. So, if you ever come to San Diego, go to Grace Community of San Marcos. Very amazing worship and stuff.

Then when we got back EVERYBODY was here. It was loads of fun. I made spaghetti for about 30 people. I had made those chocolate chip cookies the night before. But, they were gone before noon today! I made two batches! Boys eat allot. Guess i'll be making more soon haha.

Now we are all sitting around the TV watching National Treasure 2. All comfy and cozy. Tomorrow my internship starts, which means vacation over and real life begins.

Things we learned today:

1.) according to a 4 year old...3 months= 20 halves.
2.) don't let your little sister get stronger than you.
3.) your Vocation is your Location ;)

Fun FACT #4: People in CA carry umbrellas in their cars.

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