Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sunny days here in CA

Today was much better than far. I actualy got the cake finished in time! And i was able to successfully shell the edge! So i was pretty happy. Tomorrow, i'll be decorating it. HOpefully that will work out great! Actually, it should. I was able to get my chocolate fans done. I figured out how to make it so that I was able to ake themm just how they are supposed to be. I have to make sure i have thicker chocolate.

Traffic was a bear todayk! It was all of the rubberneckers. If they wouldn't look at the accidents...traffic wouldn't slow down.

Now i'm watching paul blart mall cop. Wow. So sad, but hilarious as ever.

Things I learned today:

1.) Philipinos eat with a fork and spoon, instead of a fork and knife.
2.) Patience is key to everything.

FUN FACTS #11: Everybody needs to watch Paul Blart Mall cop.

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