Friday, January 22, 2010

Day four.

SO today was buttercream shells. Like, the little rims you see in bakeries. That, my friends is way harder than it looks. I did learn a tip though: Count. If you count, it helps! It really does, trust me!

I also got to put little adorable flowers on the Monster's inc. cake! That cake ended up looking so adorable! It was for a 1st birthday, kinda sad, wouldn't you say? I don't know, I think that my child won't have a special cake like that. Well...i'm not there yet am I? ;)

Whenever Margie has a job for me and Therese, she says, "Interns! I have a job for you!" It is most always well...always something she doesn't want to do. So we made beads. Fondant beads. Wasn't that bad. We kinda thought it was cool! haha.

We also Sold some stuff today...which got us a whoppin' $2.50 each in a tip! Can we say coffee? I think so.

Things I learned today:

1.) Getting stuck in traffec sucks
2.) Interns do the odd jobs(duh)
3.) There is such thing as...wait for it!...edible paste ;)

FUN FACT #8: Every night at exactly 6 o clock traffic stops on 405 and I5 south.

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