Wednesday, January 13, 2010

half way there!

Last night wasn't exactly pleasant...

The people next door to us were very loud, all the way though apprximately 1:00 am!
Christina even kicked the door,then threw a shoe at it...then gave up.

So my mom got up this morning and wasn't careful to be quiet. Infact, she slammed the microwave and stuff( i find it hilarious!).

We took ourselves down even farther south, through what you wouldn't think to be California! They were actually hick towns! One almost resembled enumclaw to a 't'...right down to the scent of cows.
Things we learned today:

1.) Elk chill in CA
2.) Australian baristas call the stuff in your oatmeal thigamabobs
3.) Australian baristas are sweet!
4.) GPS's are persistent
5.) The majority of the workers in Eureka's Target are dumpy guys with beards
6.) Don't take Highway 20 to I5 to get to Livermore.
7.) I want to live in N CA someday.

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