Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Square edges with a touch of choco buttercream, much?


Ahhh today...

Today wasn't the funnest of days. So yesterday i didn't finish the cake i was working on, because it was a square. So today i didn't finish it until just before I left, and that was because i had help!

I don't know if i ever want to see another square cake ever again. haha. Or chocolate butter cream. I will, but i don't wanna. I will master them eventually, right?

I ended the day an hour and a half later than i was supposed to. Just because i didn't want to let myself go without finishing. Just because i can't do that. I was so mad at myself too! And frustrated. I suppose everybody has bad days right?

Things I learned today:

1.) Chocoalte buttercream gets everywhere.
2.) Coffee saves lives

FUN FACT #10: Avoid driving in CA in the rain, the roads weren't meant for it.

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