Saturday, January 16, 2010

Beach Day...

Today was the day that we all went on field trips! Dondi and his family went to Disney Land, and we first went to Leo Carillo's Ranch!A super cool place! Great places to take pictures and stuff.

Then we went to the beach, that was so much fun! There were sea anemones, and Mr. Brady was scared of them! The cutest thing you will ever see is a little boy scared of sea anemones! He was squealing he was so scared. I did actually touch one, because Clay made me...only because of that.

Then we went to the that was an adventure! Mandy and Chloe tried to dunk me several times. haha. Talk about hilarious!

After all of that adventure, we all came home and we had our dinner and I made cookies. Nothing is cuter than a 4 year old coming up to you and with an already chocolate chippey smile asks you," can i have another one?" Those cookies aren't going to last long whatsoever.

What we learned today:

1.) Chocolate chip cookies disapear fast in the Beers house!
2.) farts can come through walls(according to Mandy)
3.) little kids are terrors in water
5.) sea anemone's are squishy and feel weird

FUN FACT #3: Rocks in the ocean are very slippery.

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